Who are we?

Dryzzle is the world’s first vertical audio app where people can listen and learn delicious recipes delivered through diverse and engaging chefs and home cooks. Dryzzle provides a “Chef in Your Ear” experience unlike anything currently on the market.


Unlike traditional ways of learning how to cook (written recipes and video), listeners can enjoy Dryzzle whenever and wherever, without the requirement of your visual attention, and feel like you are learning from a family member or friend.


Our brand is centered around our friendly and diverse Dryzzle hosts, who each share their unique stories, giving them an opportunity to showcase their "voice behind the kitchen". 


Dryzzle aims to disrupt the Food Media space like never before as we focus on engaging audio content, diverse hosts, and authentic recipes that reflect the needs of the current audience.

Listen to the best and exclusive recipes from amazing hosts.


Mobile -First Audio App

Dryzzle is first of it's kind, a mobile-first food media company producing delicious and engaging audio recipes.

High-Quality Audio Recipes

Unlike a recipe book or video, you can take Dryzzle wherever you are and listen to it whenever you want. Build an engaging experience with our hosts through audio.

Listen Anywhere

Listen to audio recipes in the background, while you are cooking, commuting, waiting in line, or when trying to decide what to cook for your next meal!

Exclusive Hosts

Listen to delicious recipes on Dryzzle from our amazing hosts. Learn how to make their delicious recipes, learn their culinary stories, and keep coming back for new episodes EVERYDAY.

So Much To Choose From!

Go through Dryzzle's diverse Categories section to find the right recipe for you!

Check out Dryzzle's Curated Collection, and listen to recipes handpicked by Dryzzle.

Learn about our hosts through their Audio Series and check out a series that interests you.

Why we are a different Media company:


Everywhere and Anywhere Listening 

Diversity & Authentic Recipes and Hosts

Intimate and Friendly Hosts

Accelerator for Food Talent

Meet The Team

Anush Mahindhan

Chief Executive Officer

Kelly Seo

Chief Marketing Officer

Kenzie Osborne

Chief Culinary Officer

Charlie Wang

Chief Financial Officer

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